Exhibit Trade Show Services

Trade Show Registration and Coordination
Steel City Displays offers more than custom exhibits – we can coordinate your entire trade show booth services using our insider knowledge of show services. With many shows stipulating different rules and regulations, paperwork and logistics, it ends up being an arduous, time-consuming task. Let our savvy show-logistics experts deal with the daunting details. We can coordinate shipping, installation and dismantling of displays, along with other show logistics. Save your energy for exhibit day and let Steel City be your one-stop shop.

Steel City Displays partners with experienced and reliable exhibit moving specialists. Additionally, all of our shipping partners are experts in understanding tricky convention center logistics.

Installation & Dismantling (I&D)
Most larger exhibits require expert installation and dismantling. Just as important is understanding how to negotiate with General Contractors (GCs) who typically are union labor. Save exorbitant installation costs with expert supervision by Bob’s Brother, Jimmy Heck, one of the best in the business. Plus, get a free lesson in trade show floor acronyms. You’ll be speaking the ABCs of EACs and GCs for I&D in no time!

Storage and Refurbishment
When the show is over, Steel City Displays will inspect your display and provide any refurbishment needed for the next event. Between events, your displays will be carefully stored in one of our two Phoenixville warehouses.